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Image your kid’s images displayed proudly in your home.

Current Updates, Offers, and Information

Focusing on fun, stress-free portraits at home, location, or in studio.

  • Child thru Adult Photography
  • Senior Photography
  • Headshots and more
  • Themed and specialty sessions too
  • Limited collaboration available
  • Funny Faces Eleanor 1
  • Giselle (Black) Box-small size
  • Kitchen Frame
  • Holiday Frame
  • General Fun Frame
  • After Hours Frame
  • Sibling Frame

Services & Promotions

Services – Child thru Adult Sessions, Portraits, Headshots, Senior/Graduate, Mini-sessions, and more.

Depending on what you are looking for there is a flat session fee (50% due at booking).  Each session gives private access to a library of the image files that have been color corrected and given basic retouching.

Additional files and other services may be purchased separately.

To keep prices affordable during and after the session, I have adopted a service only workflow. I only provide photography sessions, retouching, and compositing, which are delivered only as digital image files via online services.

Clients looking for prints? I am happy to give advice with the process, but I do not provide prints or framing. This will allow you to choose the photo lab and pricing, avoiding ’boutique’ pricing plans of other studios.

Below you can view our pricing page for late 2022-2023. You may also call/email/text/DM to get specific pricing questions answered. In most cases the choice of standard, basic mini and mini session are available.

Photography Pricing List


Discounts may be listed at different times throughout the year. Loyalty & referral incentives are available as well. These can be found on the home page or call/text/DM me for discounts on regular session fee.

Welcome Offer

Hoxsey Family

New customers only.

Welcome offer, when available is a one-time discounted basic 1 – 1.5 hour in-home, location, or studio session.  Online proofs available for viewing.

Loyalty Rewards

Existing Customers Loyalty Rewards.

For existing customers in the month of your child’s birthday.  Book a session for discounted pricing.

Don’t let the month pass by and not take advantage of this amazing offer.

Call/text/DM me to book a date

Allegretti Family

Return and Referral Rewards Program

This is an updated referral program. Rewards are based on returning customers and paid referrals of new customers

Fill up the punch ared and get a session for free. That’s right, you can get a basic session, and a select number of digital images all for free. Additionally, existing customers can earn 1-2 free images from previous sessions for every paid new customer referral. Number of images earned is dependent upon new customer’s paid package.

promotional image
  • Sports Frame
  • Sibling Frame
  • After Hours Frame
  • Getting Messy
  • Maddie – Disney Ears Framed

Portfolio Projects

I am often looking to add projects and specialty photography to my portfolio. If you are interested in discounted sessions contact me directly or through the contact form link on the menu bar.



    about image

    I’m Kevin Gallagher, thus the name. Gallagher Family Photography isn’t about Family Photography, it’s about being a family: a son, husband, father, grandfather and a photographer. It’s all connected.

    GFP is small. It’s just me and sometimes my daughter joins to assist. When you reach out, it’s me you talk to, who you book with, and who does your photography. Being small lets me connect directly to you.

    Though I do family sessions, my focus is on portrait & headshot photography. I have experience working with kids, teens, and adults. I have over 25 years experience teaching kids from preschool through middle school. I love it, not just teaching but the connection; the unexpectedly funny, silly, surprising things they do — even the sad and serious moments. The reality is, kids don’t alway want to do what you want them to, when you want them to and you just have to roll with it. Sometimes the unexpected make the best portraits. Remember, it’s about connection.

    Where does the “Family” fit in? I have an amazing wife & four wonderful daughters. I was fortunate enough to be a stay home dad for 10 years when they were young while doing photography. Now, I’m a grandfather to 4 girls and a boy…so far!

    So now you know about me. It would be great to meet you and create memories that have a connection.

    To discuss portrait plans and current promotions, please reach out through contacts listed below.

    Cell: 818-259-5393


    Facebook: gallagherfamilyphotography

    Instagram: gallagherfamilyphotography

    Get all my contact information and payment methods from my link tree here.

    Current Health Updates:

    We follow the official CDC, Federal, State, and Local rules. I am COVID-19/Flu vaccinated and boosters. Hand sanitizer is available upon request on site. Please contact me if you have questions.

    Non-Discrimination Policy

    We strive to be accepting to all people regardless of religion, orientation, race, and/or sex. “If you want to book a session, you are safe and welcome.
    *Exceptions to discrimination policy: Intolerance, defamation, hate are not welcome.

    Private: Photography Client Guide – Being Updated

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